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Malcesine Mount Baldo cable car is open for 10 months a year and it brings you from Malcesine to Tratto Spino, on Mount Baldo at 1760 m of altitude, in just 15 minutes.

The cable car is quite renowned and appealing because in the second section the cabin rotates on itself while ascending, offering passengers a 360 degrees view. It’s a perspective otherwise inaccessible: you could see the lake, the hills and the mountains all at once.

The cable car comprises three stations.
The ground station is situated in via Navene Vecchia in Malcesine, the mid-station is in San Michele at 580 m of altitude and the Upper station is in Tratto Spino, on Mount Baldo a 1760 m of altitude.

The cable car starts operating at 8 a.m. from Malcesine and then there’s a run any 30 minutes. The numbers of runs increases with the number of visitors.
The time of the last ride downhill depends on the season.

Once you get on top of Monte Baldo you could take an easy walk, enjoy the nice view or try one of the many typical dishes served in the mountain huts or in the restaurants next to the station.

If you are athletic you will not be disappointed by Mount Baldo path network.
Not far from the uphill station, there’s the paragliding launch site.